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Trip of a Lifetime, Cape York Australia

Last Call.. 3 Spaces Left

Dear Fishy Mates –
We want to officially invite you on a once in a lifetime adventure to Cape York, Australia. We have worked with Greg Bethune, owner of the Tropic Paradise, to create a special trip down the Western Cape York Peninsula. CHECK OUT  seafaris.com  for more information. We will have exclusive private charter of the vessel for 10 days 9 nights between Oct 1st and 11th, 2013 The trip is a self guided trip and anglers such as yourself who,
(1) can drive their own boat,
(2) have the fishing ability to do it all “on their own” and
(3) understand common safety,
are the folks being invited on this special trip. The mothership will be captained by Greg and we will have a chef/ hostess on board to keep everyone fed and comfortable. Al Simson (former Captain/guide on the Tropic Paradise) and myself will be helping refuel the boats and providing basic support. Our duties will include showing everyone the fishing spots, coordinating the fishing schedule and generally acting as your daily “go tos” for information, directions, etc. We intend to have only ten anglers fishing, and will be able to provide enough skiffs so that we will all be able to fish 2 people per boat. One caveat is that anglers will be responsible for cleaning their skiffs at the end of each fishing day. We know this experience will be unique!! The concept is that each of us has a fantastic time and a relaxing fishing holiday. That said, the reduced rate requires that we all will take some additional responsibility for ourselves and our actions.

The trip has been timed to take advantage of tides that will increase our chances at catching Aussie Permit. Coincidentally, the pelagic activity just offshore is great at this time as is the fishing from the beach in the afternoons. We will have some outstanding opportunities for a huge variety of species. The rivers will also offer barramundi, mangrove jacks, tarpon, queenfish, etc etc We can expect golden and other types of trevally on the flats. As you may know 52 + species are available in this fishery.

We will be starting our trip further south than we have ever been on my trips. We will search for the bait balls along the beaches and try to find permit schools – I am so excited about this! What is also enticing is the fact the pressure on the Cape has been reduced over the last couple of years. Anglers have targeted other places and the economy has taken its toll on fishing travel. The Cape is still pristine and a marvelous fly fishing location. We think is unlike any other in the world.
The pricing of a normal 7 day 6 night trip per person is $6695 AUD including flights fishing three person to a skiff. This 10 day 9 night trip is priced at $6150 AUD and the flights will be about $610 round trip per person and 2 people per skiff. I think you will agree this is really a good deal for all of us traveling so far to stay a few more days in heaven!!! Alcohol is sold on the boat and wine is poured during evening dinner.

What started off as just a fishing trip for Al and myself has now grown into a much bigger plan. We looked at other locations including some really popular ones but right now we agree that we had to go back to Cape York and do it in style. This trip will also mark 15 years since Kate and I first fished there with Greg the week we got married. We are all looking forward to it and we plan to make it a very special event! We really hope that you can be a part of it. We look forward to sharing this time with you.

For USA anglers The currency is back in our favor! As of today $6150 Aus will only cost you $5600 US !!! The timing is perfect!!

Let me know your questions and I hope we can talk further soon.

Randall & Kate

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