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New Fishing Option for Fraser Island

Paul Dolan of Fraser Coast Sport Fishing is proud to announce the arrival of the KEY WEST 196BR flats fishing boat from the USA. Please be quick to make bookings for your visit to Fraser Island, Hervey Bay area.

Fraser Island

The Bay is well known around the world for the magnificent Fraser Island that borders the bay along with the mainland and vast Mary and Burrum River estuary systems, creating a wonderful marine life habitat, relatively sheltered from the biggest seas and winds.

We are lucky enough to witness the mighty Humpback Whales come to rest and feed their calves in the warm waters before they take their migration journey further south.

Visitors arrive at Hervey Bay each year between July and October just to see these magnificent creatures at play in the shallow waters here.

The accommodation options here in the Bay range from Backpacker style to 5 star with places like Kingfisher Bay Resort on Fraser Island or The Outrigger Resort at the marina on the mainland. The township is big enough to ensure an interesting stay, plenty of family activities, good food, joy rides, and much more. However, the Bay is so enormous that you will always be able to find pristine space away from crowds if you want to.

The waters on the western side of Fraser Island are home to many great Sportfish species like Golden Trevally, Giant Trevally along with many others of the trevally family. Another prize to get the adrenalin really pumping is the Northern Bluefin aka Longtail – this species is right up there with the greatest fly fishing targets on the planet – ever attached your fly or lure to a passing missile? There are also plenty Mackerel Tuna, Spanish, Broad Bar, Spotted and School Mackerel. The fantastic aerobatic Queenfish is another trophy species widely available in the Bay.

Without doubt the most popular species that fly anglers travel here to target is the magnificent Golden Trevally up to 15 kilo’s or 30lb. These fish are a sight casting proposition when they’re cruising the shallows or tailing on clear flats. A guide will get you multiple shots at these fish from the Bay side of Fraser Island, but areas near to town have wad able flats that can also produce these fish for the stealthy angler.

The term “tailing” is used when the Golden’s are in very shallow water pumping food like crabs, yabbies and other small crustations from the sand flats with their tails waving in the air. They have very large rubbery lips that extend out from there mouth to make the perfect pumping tool for their feeding habits. When tailing these fish are approachable if you are able to be stealthy, and definitely catchable with a good presentation. Is there a more perfect challenge in flyfishing?

If you like the excitement and challenge of sight fishing then Hervey Bay is a “must do” destination. The Goldens are best fished between mid to late October through to the end of March when the water temps are right for their flats feeding habits. However, they can be caught all year round using the fast sink lines in the areas I mentioned earlier on both fly and soft plastics on spinning gear if flycasting is not your thing.

Just a little bit more please ! Hervey Bay has nearby impoundment barramundi . This is the icon sportsfish of Australia. These fish have grown up wild in an incredibly beautiful freshwater environment. Nearby Lenthalls dam is a maize of meandering waterways with several hundred acres covered in Lilly pads and endless quiet bays against a backdrop of wild Australian bush and wildlife. Apart from the prized barramundi, it is abundant with native Australian Bass – a very special little slugger that grows to 50cm and larger and is perfect for flyfishing. So if a barramundi and other Australian native freshwater species are on you angling wish list – then Hervey Bay is the place to get them after you’ve chalked up a a range of the best saltwater sportsfish available anywhere in the world – no kidding, just look at the pictures and come see it for yourself.


Paul Dolan