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Join One Metre Barra Club

Caught a Barramundi over one metre in length or do you know someone who has. Join now or gift membership to friend or family.


The “One Metre Barra Club” has been formed to celebrate the mighty Australian Barramundi and the anglers whom chase them. Over time the yard stick of a great capture has changed from pounds and inches to kilos and centimetres. ¬†Catching a metre long fish has now become the measure of a good catch and fish over 120cm are becoming more common place. Wild fish or ones from stocked impoundments it does not matter here. If you catch a Barramundi one metre or better your in the club!

One Metre Barramundi

One Metre Barramundi

The One Metre Barra Club will keep all the information in this database and it can be searched by angler, name, fish size, location, date and more.  OMBC will expand its services in the future with member only features and promotions. We will also be using our Giving Back Program to help with stocking and other projects that directly help Barramundi fisheries. Thank you for your support now and into the future.